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It’s unbelievable how children adapt to their parents disabilities; when you have a spinal cord injury, it’s a journey discovering this truth. Children truly only care about one thing, having your love and attention. If they have that, they will barely, if ever, see the wheelchair. But we know it can’t be helped – there are common worries parents with spinal cord injuries will feel: Can I still be a good parent? Can I be as involved in the parenting as I would like to be? How can I make sure my home is safe for my young children because of my disability?

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Paralysis can be either partial , periodic , complete , or incomplete. Paralysis of both the arms and legs has been traditionally been called quadriplegia. Quad comes from the Latin for four and plegia comes from the Greek for inability to move. Currently the term tetraplegia is becoming more popular, but it means the same thing. Tetra is from the Greek for inability to move. What Are The Causes of Quadriplegia?

The primary cause of quadriplegia is a spinal cord injury, but other conditions such as cerebral palsy and strokes can cause a similar appearing paralysis. The amount of impairment resulting from a spinal cord injury depends on the part of the spinal cord injured and the amount of damage done. Injury to the spinal cord can be devastating because the spinal cord and the brain are the main parts of the central nervous system, which sends messages throughout your body.

When the spinal cord is injured the brain cannot properly communicate with it and so sensation and movement are impaired. The spinal cord is not the spine itself; it is the nerve system encased in the vertebrae and discs which make up the spine.

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About 26 years ago, I was involved in a motocross accident that rendered me quadriplegic. You can learn more about my story here. Over the years since then, I’ve been able to use my experiences to help and counsel others who are also dealing with life after a spinal cord injury. I am happiest when I am helping others, and these days at Medical , I spend a lot of time just talking to our customers on the phone who are new to self-catheterizing.

As you may already know, September is Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Month , so, as a C quadriplegic, I’d like to share a few helpful tips for anyone living with an SCI, particularly those new to their injury and recently released from their rehabilitation center. Plan a daily routine.

Dec 09,  · I’m a quadriplegic just looking to get in touch with others on-line that have spinal cord injuries or are disabled to. Thanks for the : Resolved.

These are external links and will open in a new window Close share panel Image copyright Thinkstock While every wheelchair user is unique, whether self-propelled, powered or pushed by someone else, there are aspects of life on wheels that they can all identify with. Below are five things that wheelchair users know but others perhaps don’t. If you’ve ever seen someone stand up from a wheelchair and walk, don’t assume you’ve just witnessed a miracle or a Blue Badge fraudster.

It’s not uncommon for people who can move their legs to use wheels to get around some or all of the time. There are a multitude of reasons for this, pain, fatigue or muscle weakness to name just three. Twenty-one-year-old part-time wheelchair user Bethan Griffith-Salter has been called a fraud on numerous occasions for folding away her wheelchair and walking.

She says she feels angry that she is expected to give details of her medical condition to strangers who challenge her about having a chair when she is able to walk. For ex wheelchair athlete Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson, this is most noticeable when travelling “at crotch level on the tube” and “having someone’s bottom in my face that wobbles about when the train moves”.

Griffith-Salter says being lower-down makes her feel claustrophobic when she can’t get through a crowd or see in front of her. She says “sitting” in busy places can be dangerous. Never push without asking permission first Wheelchair etiquette “I was in canary wharf,” says Baroness Grey-Thompson, “when someone came up behind me and asked me if I needed a push. I said no, and then they pushed me anyway. I was really shocked that they didn’t listen to my answer. Other points of etiquette include not walking behind the wheelchair user, and never leaning on the back of someone’s chair or using it as a trolley.

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Can it Really Change Your Life? There are a surprising number of exciting medical entrepreneurs currently in operation, producing innovative ways of improving healthcare within the UK, using technology-based ideas. This led him to develop Patients Know Best; a cloud-based platform that puts patients in complete control of their medical history.

Using this platform, patients can show doctors all their notes, irrespective of when they were made or who made them. The system is already being implemented in a number of UK hospitals. Paralysis not only causes physical difficulties in terms of movement and access, but can also have a profound effect on mental wellbeing.

We Found Them: The 19 Stinkiest Stars In Hollywood

Dec 1, … Detoxification to Promote Health: Denise is one of … Dec 16, … Stretching ligaments, contractions, leg cramps, back pain, headaches … pregnancy can produce pain all over your body. Quadriplegic and Paraplegic Injuries Welcome to Apparelyzed, a free spinal cord injury peer support website run by individuals with … Spinal cord injury — Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia — A spinal cord injury SCI is an injury Few things can put a damper on a health pregnancy than back pain though.

Back pain during pregnancy can range from mildly annoying pain to flat out on your back, unable to move pain.

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Contact The Editor I remember feeling a surge of hope when I read last year that social networking sites had surpassed porn in terms of Internet traffic. Perhaps this increasingly seductive technology could even deliver us to a finer place: Under his or her real name, each Facebook user shares life updates with an average of friends, and many exceed that number by hundreds or, in some cases, thousands.

What does all this mean for people with disabilities? Every connection represents an opportunity to break stereotypes, exchange support and reduce isolation. Advocates view it as a powerful tool for social change. While many Facebook users choose to set up separate business and personal accounts, Carlson posts about everything in one place: Her voice pops from the first words on the page, the tidbit under her frequently changed but always-sassy photo: All these people that I graduated with, I always felt like they had this idea still in their head of who I was.

They just saw me through that first year, and I got better. As the former social networking coordinator for Varilite, a wheelchair cushion company, Wilber learned as part of her job just how meaningful personal contact from a fellow wheelchair user could be. Now she continues to connect on her own time.

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Faith, hope, love, happiness and challenges Monday, August 21, Relationships in My Life According to Merriam-Webster dictionary the definition of a relationship is: It feels good to have that one person or group you can count on to talk to or be there for you no matter what. I think it is difficult sometimes, but it isn’t impossible. It seems hard for others to approach someone with a disability because people are afraid of the unknown. I have made many new friends since my accident including past nurses.

Another type of relationship is on a romantic level. It seems like a complicated question, but some of the answers aren’t any different than from someone who is able bodied. Before meeting my boyfriend Ryan of almost 3 years, I still faced the same obstacles like finding someone who was my type and liked me for who I am. I had ups and downs, faced rejection just like others.


His hip was giving out and causing him a great deal of pain. He had an unsuccessful hip surgery on one side and it impacted the other side from compensating for the weaker hip. Residing in New Brunswick, doctor wait lists and surgical wait times can be lengthy as is often the case in Eastern Canada.

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Please sign up to read full document. Text Preview Bob Dylan was recognized by his poetry and song writing. He usually wrote songs about protesting and religious themes. Although the theme of Bob Dylan’s work is depressing, it is necessary to consider how the events in his life affected his music. Also Bob Dylan had other musicians that influenced him in his early years. Bob Dylan was born in Duluth Minnesota on the date of May 24th By the time he was ten years old he was writing poems and had taught himself to play guitar.

In Bob visited his big early influence Woodie Guthrie in the hospital. Finally Bob Dylan got to meet him and become friends with his lost idol who was slowly dying of Huntington’s disease in Morristown, New Jersey, Dylan had written him a song called song to Woody.

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Chris has no feeling from the chest down, complete use of his arms and limited use of his hands he can write, type, push his manual chair and even drive so he does very well for himself. Chris has been in the police force for 10 years now and before he started his career in law enforcement he was an Army Ranger.

Chris was shot in the neck while on duty in serving involuntary commitment papers to remove a 60 year old woman from her home. It was love at first sight!

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Osteochondral Lesion Talus I broke my ankle and didn’t know it, until a surgeon diagnosed me on x-ray with the words “You have a dead bone” Avascular Necrosis, Osteonecrosis, Osteochondral Lesion There are not very many “ankle people” out there. It mainly hits hips. If you have this, have no fear, it can get better but you have to put mind over matter and not let the pain control you.

I only took Lortab, Oxy, Vico Part of my Talus died and had to be re-vascularized Surgery wasn’t horrible, but I was supposed to be non weight bearing for 2 months. It didn’t feel right to me at all after surgery. I had some of the worst bone pain ever. I would actually hope it would just fall off it hurt so badly.

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Dating back to World War II, veteran’s inspired us with the continual desire to pursue competition in sport with the beginning of organized wheelchair basketball. Teams were first formed in the Veterans Administration Hospitals, which has evolved to form the National Wheelchair Basketball Association.

To strengthen the muscles of your abdomen or stomach you can do oblique crunchs. Internal and external obliques sides and front of the abdomen Starting position: Lie on your back with your right knee bent and right foot flat on the floor. Cross your left leg over your right, with your left ankle resting just above your right knee. Place both hands behind your head, with elbows out to the side.

As you exhale, left your head and both shoulders off the floor and twist so that your right armpit moves in a line toward your left knee. Contract the abdominals as fully as you comfortably can. Hold for one count at the top of the contraction and exhale the remaining air. Inhale as you return toward the starting position. Do not allow your abdominals to relax between repetitions. Continue the set until you have completed your repetitions.

Then repeat on the opposite side. Do not allow your elbow to cave in toward your knee.

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