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But they noted that in February a Sunni woman had been killed by relatives for having a relationship with a Yazidi man. Two weeks after the April 7 stoning, gunmen dragged more than 20 Yazidi men off a bus in the northern city of Mosul, about 20 miles south of Bashiqa, lined them up against a wall and gunned them down.

The next day, a Sunni insurgent group linked to Al Qaeda claimed responsibility for a car bombing that targeted the offices of a Kurdish political party in northern Iraq, saying it was to avenge the death of Aswad.

GS: The Kurdish patriarchal mentality deprives women of self-expression and personal autonomy and violates their basic rights. In the last five years, women activists, NGOs, feminists and the media played a little role in shaking the stalemate of women’s status in Kurdistan, but a lot remains to be done.

These three Iranian provinces share borders with parts of Iraq and Turkey that are also inhabited by the Kurds. The Kurdish people have inhabited the northwestern region of Iran for centuries — dating back before the Islamic conquests of the 7th century. It is believed that the Kurdish language was derived from Persian dialects in the early centuries AD, and that the Kurdish people represent a diverse range of tribal and ethnic groups from the region.

The Republic of Mahabad During the early 20th century, there was a growing sentiment of Kurdish nationalism and political activism. The rule of the Pahlavi dynasty in Iran was particularly brutal for the Kurds, and Kurdish activists were active supporters of a regime change during the revolution. After the revolution, however, the new Islamic regime of Ayatollah Khomeini viewed the Kurds, with their different language and traditions as outsiders, as dangerous to the new republic.

Armed conflict between the new republic and the Kurds broke out as Khomeini tried to establish governmental control in the Kurdish regions. To this day, the relationship between the Kurds of western Iran and the Iranian government remains tense.

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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: IS Dutch woman surrenders to Peshmerga, speaks to Kurdistan24

Halparke has got its special place in Kurd’s culture in a way that knowing about that needs the deep and valid slight of the viewers to watch the dancers’ singing and giving thanks in Hoshar fighting against cruelty in Zangi joy and happiness in Garyan, etc.. These movements differ in different parts of Kurdistan from the variety point of views, and joy and worry have their own special place.

Some kinds of these rhythms wear out and are forgotten through the passage of time.

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Monday 25 September The decision follows the closure of both Iranian and Turkish airspace to Iraq on Sunday. The poll on support for Kurdish independence – which is non-binding and not recognised by Baghdad – has angered the central government, which sees it as a Kurdish attempt to exert greater control over Iraq’s oil reserves.

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While Kurdish men and women were trying to defend the city from ISIS militia men with limited ammunition and inadequate weapons, compared to sophisticated weapons in the hands of ISIS, Kurds worldwide took to the streets to be voice for Kurds in Rojava and Kobane. From the battle to defend Kobane onward, Western media and politicians have started to talk about the brave Kurdish women who are fighting against ISIS and its brutal treatment—including enslavement—of women.

But a question still resonates in many ears: What is the history behind this remarkable departure from the norm, and what can advocates for systemic change and feminism learn from Rojava? The answers to these questions lie in the Kurdish political, social, and military organizing in the Middle East. Since then they have been fighting for the institution of a new form of self-governance in Rojava, which took on a novel dimension with the establishment of the autonomous cantons in January

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ERBIL, Kurdistan Region (Kurdistan24) – On Tuesday, a Dutch woman who joined the Islamic State (IS) last September surrendered to Peshmerga around the IS stronghold of Mosul in northern Iraq.

Modern Iraq covers almost the same area as ancient Mesopotamia, which centered on the land between the Tigres and the Euphrates Rivers. Mesopotamia, also referred to as the Fertile Crescent, was an important center of early civilization and saw the rise and fall of many cultures and settlements. In the medieval era, Iraq was the name of an Arab province that made up the southern half of the modern-day country.

In today’s Republic of Iraq, where Islam is the state religion and claims the beliefs of 95 percent of the population, the majority of Iraqis identify with Arab culture. The second-largest cultural group is the Kurds, who are in the highlands and mountain valleys of the north in a politically autonomous settlement. The Kurds occupy the provinces of As Sulaymaniyah, Dahuk and Irbil, the area of which is commonly referred to as Kurdistan.

Iraq, in the Middle East, is , square miles , square kilometers , which is comparable to twice the size of Idaho. Baghdad was the name of a village that the Arabs chose to develop as their capital and is in the central plains. The northern border areas near Iran and Turkey are mountainous and experience cold, harsh winters, while the west is mostly desert. The differences in climate have influenced the economies of the various areas and ethnic groups, especially since a large part of the economy used to be agriculturally based.

The estimated Iraqi population for is 22, , people. Arabs comprise about three-fourths of the population, and Kurds compose about one-fifth. The remaining people are divided into several ethnic groups, including Assyrian, Turkoman, Chaldean, Armenian, Yazidi, and Jewish.

Rojava conflict

Let us know what you think of this article on our Facebook page. Map showing the region inhabited by the Amazons: The famed tribe could not be found. That was likely because the Amazons were not so much a tribe exclusively of women but rather part of a community that saw women and men as equals – where the women were either part of exclusive or blended fighting units – as are today’s Kurdish women’s fighting units – and where the women and men rose at different times to become noteworthy and legendary leaders of the army and the entire community unusual for others.

In ancient times, the few outside recorders who came into contact with the ‘Amazon’ i.

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BLOG Views, features and analysis from renowned bloggers and contributors around the world Meeting the Kurdish women fighting ISIS The women display their courage with none of the bravado and macho posturing that is often found in the trenches that stretch from Kobane to Kirkuk. Beyond it stretches a dusty no mans land, which has swallowed a few abandoned villages but otherwise lies empty and ominously silent.

The school, with pink coloured corridors and an expansive court yard, has long ceased being a place of learning. Instead, it is home to a dozen or so young women wearing combat fatigues and long, curved clips of ammunition around their waist. They belong to the YPJ, a female militia raised by the Kurdish autonomous government in northern Syria. The women display their courage with none of the bravado and macho posturing that is often found in the trenches that stretch from Kobane to Kirkuk.

Florian Neuhof Most are not much older than the pupils that once passed through the school gates. Diminutive and a little shy, they are nevertheless welcoming and hospitable, serving up a tasty vegetable stew for their unexpected visitors.

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Origin of the Kurds “The land of Karda” is mentioned on a Sumerian clay-tablet dated to the 3rd millennium B. This land was inhabited by “the people of Su” who dwelt in the southern regions of Lake Van ; The philological connection between “Kurd” and “Karda” is uncertain but the relationship is considered possible. After initially sustaining a heavy defeat, Ardashir I was successful in subjugating the Kurds.

You’ve bitten off more than you can chew and you have brought death to yourself. O son of a Kurd, raised in the tents of the Kurds, who gave you permission to put a crown on your head? He found it heavily fortified, and guarded by three legions and a large body of Kurdish archers.

Turkish forces and their Syrian rebel allies have raised their flags in the town centre of Afrin and declared full control after a two-month campaign to drive out Kurdish forces.. Images showed.

Their choices can still include someone from a sect or ethnicity other than their own. Yes, it is true that Baghdad is divided between the two main sects: In areas where Sunni and Shiite intermingle, there are militias defending the major sect and they may try to obstruct the presence of families from the other sect. However, these militias never prevent marriages between young men and women who belong to differing sects or ethnicities.

The main reason is that many Iraqi families are originally mixed families, and there are areas where sectarian and ethnic exclusivity is non-existent; this helps to bind all constituents of the Iraqi society together. Moreover, religious authorities, both Sunni and Shiite, do not ban mixed marriages. Touring the different areas of Baghdad, I talked to year-old Ahmed, who worked on the railways for 32 years.

Rather, it relied on educated people and school graduates to fill government positions. Ahmed recalls that his father was from Baghdad, but worked in the Kurdish city of Al-Sulaymaniyyah. His father married a Kurdish woman and they had many children. Although his paternal grandfather was a sayyid Shiite religious scholar and his maternal grandfather was the imam of a mosque, both fathers did not object to the marriage.

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