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Your new Android tablet is a thin, sleek computing machine, but it lacks some of the basic features of a computer, like the ability to connect a printer. You can, however, access a printer from your Android tablet by installing a printing application. You can choose to install a printer app that is specific to your model of printer, like the HP ePrint app. You can select an app that will print directly to your device via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, like the PrinterShare app. Unlock your Android tablet, and open the application launcher. Tap the “Market” icon, and then touch the magnifying glass to open the search tool. Type in the name of the printing app that you want to use. Press “Enter,” and then tap the name of the app you want to install. Touch “Download” — or the price if the app isn’t free — and then tap “Accept and Download” to begin the installation process. When the app is installed, touch “Open.

Wacom for drawing

One of the joys of having a tablet PC is its mobility and ease of use. However, there are times when a physical keyboard is more useful than the virtual keyboard on the touchscreen. There are a variety of keyboards made specifically for tablets available on the market.

At the top of your Firefox window, to the left of the web address, you should see a green it. In the window that pops up, you should see Blocked or Blocked Temporarily next to Access Your the x next to this line.; You’re good to go!

Gadget Hacks If you have no desire to get a separate Mac desktop computer, but want to either supersize your laptop’s screen for gaming or need to get additional screen real estate while you work, then connecting your MacBook, MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro to an external display is the right call. Your Mac should automatically detect the additional monitor, and it will act as an extended desktop to your primary one AKA your Mac’s screen.

If for some reason your monitor isn’t recognized by your MacBook model, open up System Preferences, and in the Displays settings pane, click on Detect Displays. If you see Gather Windows instead, hold down the Option key to make it change to Detect Displays, then click on it. This should make your external display function properly. Setting Your Monitor as Your Primary Desktop Now that you have your new monitor connected and detected, you may want to set it as your primary desktop.

This will make it so that your menu bar, dock, and desktop as well as everything on your desktop are displayed on the external monitor instead of on your Mac’s screen. Both screens will automatically refresh to the new configuration. Adjusting the Display Resolution If you don’t like the resolution of your second monitor, you can change it from the default to a scaled version that’s better suited to your needs.

Though, I always find that the default ends up being the best, so if you’re unsure, just stick with that. On your external monitor’s settings, just make sure Display is selected, then change “Default for display” to “Scaled” and choose your preferred resolution. Rotating the Display Some people, like graphic designers, like to have their second monitor in a vertical position vs.

If your monitor is equipped to rotate between vertical and landscape orientations, and you want the vertical look, you’ll need to make sure your settings are adjusted as such.

Use Your Tablet as a Game Console

To help make your Wacom gift giving easier, here are five helpful things to know when buying a tablet for someone. What are they into? Is this tablet for a budding artist, or the family photographer? Is the tablet intended for a hobbyist, student, or professional?

PERFECT FOR SMALL SPACES. Logitech ConferenceCam Connect goes beyond its award winning design — video conferencing so simple to use that anyone can set it up and so affordable you can enable every meeting room with video.

Maybe you just don’t feel like shelling out for a new computer. Either way, it’s possible to use a tablet as your main machine—if you’re smart about it. Aug 5, Getty Images When my broken computer had to go away to Apple’s mysterious depot twice in one month, I found myself with two options: Use a PC, or get by with an iPad. At first, I assumed the PC would be the way to go, since subbing in a computer for a computer seems like less work even if they’re on different OSes.

But I was wrong—mostly. It turns out that, at least for a week, replacing a laptop or desktop computer with a tablet isn’t so bad.

Why you should stop asking if a tablet can replace your laptop — the world has moved on

Can You Hook a Kindle to a Printer? Some Kindle models run apps that contain documents or images you may want to print. Unfortunately, Kindle isn’t designed with a printer hook-up that connects to a printer. You have to work around the hardware limitations to print documents and images from your Kindle. Kindle Models Of the two main lines of Kindle — the e-reader and the Kindle Fire tablet — only the e-reader can print from the device itself without third-party help.

Even the e-reader can’t print without being hooked up to a computer.

Buy Fintie Universal Tablet Hand Strap Holder – [Dual Stand Supports] Detachable Padded Hook & Loop Fastening Handle Grip with Adhesive Patch for iPad/Galaxy Tab/Fire and All ” Tablets, Black: Stands – FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases.

I have 2 Logitech mice. Obviously, they would not work with the receiver from the other one Just try it. I did, unfortunately, while the computer recognizes the receiver, the receiver won’t pick up the mouse. Basically, is there a way to rekey the receiver from my computer using some sort of software?

I’m commenting on this because, I have a wireless mouse, but i want the two ports on my laptop for something else, I was thinking for what reason can i NOT use the PCI wifi as a reciever for my mouse?? O, If I still remember I will dump the results here, and possibly a solution if i find one.. I’m looking to replace my wired mouse with a wireless one, in this case a Logitech M I found at work.

However the nano receiver it comes with is lost, and I have two other mouse receivers from different mice. Is it possible to somehow use the Logitech mouse with a receiver that it didn’t come with. Depending on the specific mouse, there may or may not be a “Connect” button on the bottom.

Digiland tablet(mouse)?

But unlike actual media players the lack of a remote is a pain. There are two options here: The free option involves installing Tablet Remote on both devices and pairing the two via Bluetooth. You may have more luck than I so give it a go. The paid option additionally requires root.

Automated Funder Reports. Funder reports that used to take you days will now take a matter of a few mouse clicks with EmpowerDB. Fully customizable, all database pages will be programmed to generate reports based on your specifications.

How to connect Keyboards on Nexus 7 In addition to entering text, you can use your keyboard to navigate your tablets features: Use the arrow keys to select items on screen. Pressing Return when an item is selected is equivalent to touching that item. Pressing Escape is equivalent to touching Back. Press Tab or Shift-Tab to move from field to field in a form or other screen with multiple text fields. How to connect Mouse on Nexus 7 When you connect a mouse to your tablet and move the mouse, an arrow-shaped cursor appears, just as on a computer: Use the mouse to move the cursor.

Air Stylus turns your iPad into a graphics tablet

Toshiba Excite 10 Sony Tablet S As a quick note, keep in mind that although the Galaxy Nexus may support many USB accessories, they do not support mass storage devices, like external hard drives and usb flash drives. It is possible that some additional devices might become compatible with future Android software updates, namely Android Jelly Bean, but until that time, those of you who want to hook up your USB accessories to your unsupported Android devices will have to root.

It also does not include any list whatsoever on what kind of USB accessories are compatible with it either. When you plug your OTG adapter into your Android device, a quick notification will let you know that your smartphone or tablet has recognized the adapter and is ready to be a USB host. From that point, you can begin testing out your various USB accessories to figure out which ones work.

Whether you want to respond to texts using your computer’s keyboard or use your tablet as a second screen for research, this setup feels like magic when it’s working.

The newest Surface Pro delivers up to Built for the best of Windows and Microsoft Office. The ultimate in mobile productivity Take a closer look at how the ultra-light Surface Pro is the ultimate laptop for running powerful apps in Office, inking in Windows and more, all while on the go. Type cover and Surface Pen sold separately.

A vibrant display that inspires creativity Watch your ideas come to life in brilliant color and razor-sharp resolution on the Whisper quiet Surface Pro m3 and i5 models feature a new fanless cooling system, plus improved hybrid cooling on the i7 model, so you can work or stream your favorite shows in peace. Get productive with easy file syncing to your phone, quick access to your people, and built-in comprehensive security.

OneNote OneNote is your digital notebook for capturing and organizing everything across devices. Jot down ideas, keep track of meeting notes, clip from the web, or make a to-do list. OneDrive OneDrive is the online storage service that makes it simple to access and share files across any device. Excel See your data in new, intuitive ways with Excel. The spreadsheet tool you already know is now easier to use and more powerful than ever.

Ditch Your Mouse: Why You Should Be Using a Tablet

Key Features Better typing—day or night Keys are sharp, bright and always easy to read thanks to auto-adjusting illumination which dims or brightens depending on the amount of light in the room. Laser-etched backlit keys Type easily in low light and even in the dark. Back lighting ensures the keys are sharp, bright and always easy to read in any light. Only the key characters are illuminated, so you see just what you need to see without distraction.

Sahara Slate PC i Tablet PCs are powered by an Intel Core i7 vPro Processor, configurable with up to GB DDR3 RAM and a in HDD or SSD. They feature a full inch wide-view WXGA LED backlit LCD with dual mode digitizer + capacitive touch, dual mode digitizer + resistive touch, capacitive touch screen or resistive touch screen. Dual channel WiFi a/b/g/n networking, Bluetooth 4.

But if you just replaced your Android tablet or smartphone because of a broken touchscreen, I would suggest that you think twice before you throw the old one away. If the CPU and the rest of the internal components still work then the gadget can still fill a useful purpose. I dropped my Hisense Sero 7 Pro last night – again. Sadly, this rugged little tablet did not survive the fall this time around, leaving me with an otherwise functional tablet with a rather pretty but distracting fracture pattern between the LCD screen and touchscreen.

The touchscreen still works, sure, so i could keep using this tablet. I could also simply junk it and use another. Or I could sell it on Ebay with an honest description and let someone do with it what they will. I’m going to replace the tablet, yes, but rather than throw it away I decided to find another use for it. This opens up a number of possibilities, including turning the tablet into a media player by plugging it into a large screen TV, using it as a file server or web server, or adapting it to function as a security camera.

An impressively broken iPad So far I have come up with three possible uses. I haven’t yet followed through on any of these plans, but I thought I would take a moment today and share what I had so far. While I have found a couple useful ideas, I’m hoping that someone might come up with a better suggestion. The media player idea is probably the least practical because this tablet has storage limitations.

It can only support a 32GB microSD card, and that’s not really enough to store a large collection of video files.

iPad Bluetooth Mouse

On many Android devices, you can connect USB peripherals to your device. On other Android devices, you may need to connect them wirelessly via Bluetooth. Yes, this means you can connect a mouse to your Android tablet and get a mouse cursor, or connect an Xbox controller and play a game, console-style. These cables can be purchased for a dollar or two on a site like Monoprice , or a few bucks more on Amazon.

Important Notice: Computers and TVs produce at least two types of EMF radiation: Electric fields and Magnetic fields. While the scientific research to determine which of these two types is of greater concern is not yet conclusive, we do know that people can be sensitive to either.

Tweet Part of the fun of getting a new Galaxy tablet is learning its capabilities. Most of these are pretty straightforward. You know you’ll be able to browse your favorite websites, keep up with your friends on social media, and exchange emails and instant messages with people all over the world. Still, if you dig deeper into your tablet’s features, you’ll find there are some less-obvious capabilities that can make it even more useful. Enjoy Remote Access Running around to help your friends, family or co-workers with computer problems can be a serious drain on your time and productivity.

You’ll need to log in to your Samsung account from any computer you want to access remotely, and perform a one-time setup.

asus transformer mouse

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People who have migrated to touch and swipe on a tablet but still want to use their device with a keyboard or mouse have come to the right place. Advertisement When Apple announced its first tablet, it was skeptical whether the device would be liked by people, but as we saw in the past year, tablet computers have grown popular amongst people with varied needs and of all age groups.

With their ultra portable size and advanced computing capabilities tablets have redefined the term mobile computing. Multi touch interfaces and the ability to understand gesture based inputs have enabled navigational wizardry like swipe and flick, which have become part of common language among tablet users. Even though touchscreens do justice to many of the functions of a traditional computer with a keyboard and mouse, users still feel awkward using them due to the old habit of using these peripheral devices.

So, the solution is to simply connect a mouse or keyboard to your tablet and use it like a normal computer. Well, even though you can connect any USB based keyboard and mouse to a tablet, peripherals that connect using Bluetooth are always a better deal because they keep the whole operation wire free; and don’t drain your device’s battery as much as wired peripherals do, so your device runs longer. Here’s how to connect a keyboard or mouse to your tablet First, you need a Bluetooth enabled keyboard or mouse.

We used Logitech Dinivo Mini for this. Using a single and smaller device than your tablet is recommended because it keeps you mobile. To begin with, charge the keyboard or mouse, or install batteries in the device and then switch on the pairing mode. Pairing mode can be accessed by keeping the power button pressed for 10 seconds or as mentioned in the manual. After that, switch on the Bluetooth on your tablet and search for the Bluetooth keyboard or mouse that is also on.

On locating the device, pair it with the tablet and type the code ‘ ‘ at the prompt.

How to Connect a Mouse and a Keyboard On Your Android Tablet

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