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High speed rail: wrong train, right track?

The Essex-born actress is currently playing a member of one of Britain’s grandest fictional families, who reside in a great pile known as Downton Abbey, home to the Crowleys, who have been the Earls of Grantham since Downton Abbey happens to be ITV’s prime-time autumn drama, made up of an opening minute film, plus six one-hour episodes. And before the first has even been shown, there’s talk of a second series. It follows the Crowleys as World War I approaches and shows the last gasp before the old, grand estates were broken up.

But the rest of the company is formidable, too. Before she enrolled at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, Michelle worked in a variety of after-school and weekend jobs, from waitress in a pie-and-mash shop to the advertising department of The Times.

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British surfer punches three-metre shark on nose after fearing he’d be eaten alive

Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email A British doctor has described the terrifying moment he thought he’d be eaten alive after he was circled by a three-metre shark in Australia. Charlie Fry was bitten by the predator but managed to fight it off by punching it in the nose. The year-old had been surfing with four friends around 40 metres out to sea at Avoca Beach when he spotted the predator’s head coming out of the water.

However, he was able to punch it in the face before jumping back on his board and catching a wave in. Fortunately, he was not seriously injured but still suffered bite marks to his shoulder and upper arm.

“The Griffins are up against the Gosford Blackbirds in two weeks’ time,” said Jill patiently, hugging her books more tightly to her chest. “So they need more practice. Okay, I totally get it,” said Kate, twisting her grin to be as sadistic as possible.

Well, Gosford Park does have a story. You wait a long time for it, and when it does finally arrive it does so in a rather unexpected form, but it does, definitely, have a story. It’s a murder tale, actually, but you’ll have guessed that long before, helped by all those lingering shots of bottles marked ‘poison’.

This, however, is the sort of film where the arrival of a story, even one as comfortably familiar as a country house murder, actually comes as a disappointment, and doubly so because of the great American director’s strange decision to play the subsequent detective work as farce. If the final third confirms his reputation as a director who has trouble with endings, what goes before is so good that I’m inclined to forgive him. Crossing Upstairs Downstairs with a social conscience and the multilayered structure of Short Cuts turns out to have been a very good idea indeed.

Of course, the great thing when Altman is in such elaborate, interwoven form is not to worry too much about the who’s who. That either comes in due course or it doesn’t and in Gosford Park it does – just about. You may not be able to draw a complete family tree of the landed McCordle family by the final credits but you’ll have a pretty good idea of who did what to whom and why. And with film-making this good, that’s near enough. For us Brits, keeping track is made a little easier by the stellar, home-grown cast, so if we can’t always put names to the characters we can to the actors.

He’s married to Kristin Scott Thomas, playing the cold-hearted but highly sexed Lady Sylvia, as fond of riding her horse as she is of obliging manservants. James Wilby plays a rotter who isn’t actually related to anyone. In a clever touch that could have gone horribly wrong, Jeremy Northam takes the part of Ivor Novello, the real-life British matinee idol who made it big in Hollywood, while Bob Balaban who also produces the film plays Morris Weissman, an American film producer who makes Charlie Chan movies.

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The painting is expected to fetch around GBP 15m m, The painting is expected to fetch around GBP 5m-7m, 6. The sale is spearheaded by J. There are no more than half a dozen major works by Turner left in private hand and none is of such exceptional provenance or in better condition. The picture is so well preserved that every fingerprint of the artist, every flick of his brush, every scrape of his palette knife can still be clearly seen. Turner perpetually engaged with the art of both the past and the present and it is a rare privilege to present this sensational picture alongside the works of some of his most illustrious predecessors.

Villains, Photography, Cancer, Germany, Fraud, Priests Raymond Chandler Talks To Ian Fleming Crimereads | 2nd November Highlights from a conversation between Chandler and Fleming about their respective approaches to writing thrillers. Wonderful throughout. Fleming: “I don’t know if you do, but I find it extremely difficult to write about villains.

She was tagged off Gansbaai in the Western Cape, before her tag dropped off 99 days later off the coast of Exmouth, Western Australia. That’s 11, km give or take—a fair swim— proving the same sharks that cruise say, Jeffreys Bay could be cruising, say…Margaret River. You know exactly where I’m heading with this. That’s twice in three days a big white has cruised through the lineup here at J-Bay, today’s shark causing the event be put on hold for half an hour during the first quarterfinal.

That’s every year now since Mick Fanning almost became hot lunch back in that we’ve had a visit. And yet back in April the event at Margaret River was cancelled outright without a shark seen in the lineup at all, effectively ending the event permanently. I can only imagine the Western Australian Tourism Minister watching surfers being immediately sent back out today, having paid a million bucks to have Margaret River become the new Amity Island.

Welcome to a living ocean, a problem we won’t encounter in Lemoore later this year, but it’s an issue the league is struggling to drop hard policy on. Again, today the shark cruising through the lineup was almost treated like half time entertainment. The shark is the new dolphin. They joked about it swimming through the breakfast buffet, they shoo-shooed it away, and off they went again.

For the record I reckon today’s response is closest to the right one.

Arthur Acheson, 1st Earl of Gosford

Gosford Council declares first choice is a voluntary merger with Wyong Posted November 15, Gosford After weeks of late night consultations, trips to Sydney and meetings with neighbouring Councils Wyong and Lake Macquarie – Gosford has finally completed its report on what structure it believes will be best for the future as part of the government’s reform process.

Gosford is requesting the Minister for Local Government to expedite the process ‘as a matter of priority’.

The “S” model was released in and featured the all-new L V12 Biturbo producing bhp with a top speed of km/h. This Maybach 57S was first sold new in Australia. Being 1 of only 6 models to enter Australia it came with a recommended price tag of $1,,

China’s maglev trains have been in service for more than a decade. AP And it’s long been a feature that every rational examination of connecting Sydney and Melbourne by high speed rail doesn’t add up because of population densities and the aeroplane industry being very competitive indeed. Mr Alexander seems to think he’s discovered a way to make the uneconomic economic through the “value capture” buzz phrase — and a very good phrase it is, too.

Advertisement The idea of a high speed train wandering the Australian countryside, showering capital gains and population explosions on rural hamlets, could well be part of our future. By all means, please consider that possibility for later this century by preserving rail corridors. By submitting your email you are agreeing to Fairfax Media’s terms and conditions and privacy policy. But it’s not the story for the next decade that the usual fast train proponents suggest.

Magnetic attraction Instead, try high speed maglev rail linking Newcastle, Sydney, the Blue Mountains and Wollongong and you could actually have something. Even without the value capture argument, there was a mysteriously lost opportunity at the start of this century, back when Carl Scully was transport minister and Sussex Street ran NSW, to build just such a fast train network. What could have been. As reported three years ago when the Greens were pushing a Sydney-Newcastle train study, proximity to the CBD is measured in time, not kilometres.

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Gilbert Stuart is widely considered one of Americas foremost portraitists and his best known work is the unfinished portrait of George Washington that is sometimes referred to as The Athenaeum, begun in and never finished. Stuarts father worked in the first colonial snuff mill in America, Gilbert Stuart moved to Newport, Rhode Island at the age of six, where his father pursued work in the merchant field. In Newport, Stuart first began to show promise as a painter.

In , Stuart made the acquaintance of Scottish artist Cosmo Alexander, a visitor of the colonies who made portraits of local patrons and who became a tutor to Stuart. Under the guidance of Alexander, Stuart painted the famous portrait Dr. Hunters Spaniels when he was fourteen years old, the painting is also referred to as Dr.

With an upgraded L turbo diesel producing Nm of torque and a new 6-speed automatic & manual transmissions, the new D-MAX & MU-X aimed to impress in the demanding Australian market. Isuzu UTE Australia also celebrated a milestone of , vehicle sales in .

But do not adjust your set: The year-old is avowed non-conformist. Mission Survive was expressly warned not to venture into a cavernous pothole without first tying himself securely to a member of his team. This Mr Fox is fantastic company, probably because he is neither sensible nor censored. Just the way it is. It is not, he insists, a vanity project, as he sings and plays the guitar, wrote the songs and has the offspring of rock royalty holding down a steady beat on drums Jason Starkey, son of Ringo Starr.

Fox will happily talk about his family the acting dynasty that includes father James, uncle Edward, cousin Emilia and brother Jack Fox and his marriage to actress Billie Piper He enjoyed a hugely successful reaction to the first track played on radio last year, Headlong, which pushed album pre-sales into the iTunes top ten. Some songs he wrote more than a decade ago. Fox was already a famous actor by the time he decided to get serious about his music.

He tells a story about how he had to fend off offers from record companies, eager to turn him into the next Robson and Jerome. He shook my hand, took off his shoes, lay on a sofa and started telling me what the music business was and how I would fit in. I could have been offended but I actually thought it was pretty funny.

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A member of the public found the girl just after midnight, paramedics conducted CPR but the child died at the scene.

The hero Winston Smith, are employed kind and clever, brave and then I learned that this kind of phobia is called aqua phobia. Food myself and do every kind of work i like to stay in bed told me a story that once my father tried to repair their. All I clean with duster table and children can only play representing a family but it’s and feelings and broaden my outlook. Transform such a game into a reality, cause they are to young spend many. We are all suffering from hurry sickness and badly need some time for full relaxation.

I am dreaming about having a perfect day somewhere in a beach house. I like to stay in bed for a while and think about something nice. My morning would be full of beautiful sunshine and clear blue skies. I like to have something special for breakfast on such days. For example I would eat pancakes with strawberries.

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You might think they’d give us a hint, since you saved their lives from the Sky Raiders. He’s General Toliver Johnson. He used to be in charge of the Joint Command Special Threat Response Battalion, a special team of soldiers trained to fight super-powered threats. The battalion doesn’t exist anymore, but I know a woman who used to be part of it.

You should go talk to Andrea Mitchell about the general. While your at it, take her these three photos of the other men.

Silvia Schreuder (pictured), who allegedly stole the handbag of car crash victim Kay Shaylor as she lay dying in Gosford, New South Wales, says she’ll ‘never forgive herself’.

The victim’s brother-in law owed drug dealer Yonky Tan several hundred thousand dollars. The accused was contracted by Tan to splash acid on the victim’s face to scare the brother-in-law out of hiding, but the accused refused. Instead, he recruited 2 other hitmen. Aged 36 at time of offending – on parole at the time – guilty plea at earliest opportunity – father of 5 – native of Philippines – permanent residency in Australia – tertiary qualifications not recognized in Australia – substance abuse – prior convictions – previous imprisonment.

Sentenced to a total of 18y with a NPP of 13 y. Supply commercial quantity heroin; supply large commercial quantity heroin. Total sentence of 17 y with a NPP of 12 y. The offences arose from one course of conduct. The applicant entered Sydney on a flight from Hong Kong in company with a co-offender. They returned to Australia the following month on a flight from Hong Kong to Melbourne. Whether sentence excessive – extent of appropriate accumulation of sentence – special circumstances – totality – parity with co-offenders.

The MG Experience

The needle is gripped in the Soundbox by a thumbscrew, typically the needle protrudes about 1cm from the Soundbox. Most Soundboxes fit on the Tonearm in a fixed position, but some are free to rotate on the Tonearm; the Needle should never be placed vertically above the record, the correct angle the needle should make when playing a record is approximately 60 degrees.

Before commencing to play a record, with the turntable brake applied fully wind the Gramophone. As with the generations before you; don’t worry about over-winding. Release the Gramophone brake, on most Gramophones you have a manual brake lever. Some Gramophones are started automatically by moving the Tonearm or Needle arm to the right, in addition to moving the Tonearm to the right you should also insure the manual brake if present is released.

Club officials are predicting a crowd of 12, for the home game in Gosford, north of Sydney. the tick-tacks. Because I’m not used to picking up speed, going back down, up and down, up and.

With such excellent books on M. If that is what you are after, then obtain ‘M. Once you have absorbed these, you are an ‘expert’. This book is a collection of information and stories I have collected over about 30 years, with obvious reference to MG history books. It is not a history book, even though the chapters and models are in order. It is an information book for an enthusiast by an enthusiast, who saw something somewhere about M.

The political infighting, and hard commercialism of production and profits does not interest me, so I have deliberately avoided it. Within these pages is information and my views, about the engines that M. Other reference matter, some read a long time ago I might add, was ‘M. There are lots of pretty M.

The Cherwell School – Legacy

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